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Your Car Will Look Brand New with San Diego Paint Correction

Paint Correction in San Diego

Knowing What to Look for with San Diego Paint Correction

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So you finally did it. You saved your money, spent more hours than you care to admit doing research, and you’ve finally purchased a new luxury sedan, SUV, truck, or high-end car. You may have spent over $50,000 on your brand new vehicle, but it was totally worth it now that it is sitting in your driveway and is all yours! It’s spotless, has that new-car smell, and is completely unscathed. Or so it seems.

What you don’t know is that from the moment your car came off the production line, it began to accumulate countless scratches on the exterior, dulling the shine and luster of the finish. This reality is the last thing that a new car owner wants to hear, but unfortunately it’s the truth. Time is of the essence on the auto production line, and more often than not painting and polishing is a quick process, completed with little quality control.

Think that because you own a limited edition, high-end Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, or Ferrari that you’re off the hook? Think again. Research looked at a $200,000 Ferrari that had only been driven 80 miles. On it’s pristine paint job, over a thousand scratches were found lurking.

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What can San Diego Paint Correction do for You?

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So what’s to be done? You already purchased your car, and you love it! To take care of this problem your car will need to undergo a San Diego paint correction treatment. Through this delicate process fine micro-scratches are removed by a finely tuned machine, which essentially buffs and polishes your car’s exterior. If this paint scratch removal is carried out correctly, all small scratches will be removed, along with a small amount of your car’s clear coat. The result is a perfectly clear finish to your car’s exterior that can only be believed if you see it with your own eyes.

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A Street Auto Detail offers the best San Diego Paint Correction Services.

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At A Street Auto Detail we offer the best paint correction in San Diego. We take so much pride in our work that we gladly stake our reputation on the quality of our work. Paint correction, when done properly, is a long and arduous process that can take between 10 and 12 hours. However, its worth all the hours of work because the end result is compounded and polished paint that brings your car’s luster back to looking brand new, or better!

We use the highest quality products and the best technology available to restore the shine of your car’s finish without minimizing the thickness of your paint. We look at each individual car as a new challenge. No two cars are alike, neither are any two treatments. Before we begin work we do a comprehensive assessment which analyzes the paint job and thickness of the clearcoat. From there we talk with each owner about our plan of action before beginning any paint swirl removal or scratch removal. To prevent micro-scratches from reoccurring on your car after our treatment is finished, we can apply a protective coating that will keep your car looking brand new for a long time to come.

We feel that paint correction is the most valuable treatment that your can undergo in order to keep it looking sleek and new. We utilize at least two stages of buffing which results in your car looking amazing and it also increases the quality of the paint finish itself. You’ll be blown away by the clarity, shine, and gloss of your car’s paint job. Individual results vary based on the condition of the paint job when it’s brought to us. However, we can confidently say that with this process we are able to remove over 85% of surface scratches and imperfections.