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San Diego Headlight Restoration – Don’t Get a Ticket!

Never worry about Oxidized Headlights again with San Diego Headlight Ceramic Coating

San Diego Headlight Ceramic Coating

This is why you need San Diego Headlight Restoration – Not only do we put ourselves in extreme danger of being hurt or hurting someone else in an automobile accident because of oxidized headlights, we also run the risk of being pulled over due to cloudy, yellowed, oxidized headlights also.  Most states including California have very strict headlight laws, and most people don’t know that the federal government also has a set of regulations addressing unsafe headlights as well. Anytime a police officer sees that one or both of your headlights is out or is dim due to extreme oxidization, you just might get a ticket.

Cloudy Headlights are Dangerous – San Diego Headlight Restoration

For most, it’s hard enough to drive in the dark or in bad weather, and at the same time, keep an eye out for children and pedestrians walking unannounced into the street.  So, do yourself a favor and don’t make it even more difficult for yourself by driving with cloudy oxidized headlights that reduce the amount of light your bulbs are able to project, and as a result, make it even more difficult for you to see the road when driving at night.  Not only is it dangerous for you behind the wheel, the less light your headlights produce, it becomes extremely more difficult for other drivers and pedestrians to see you.  Anytime your visibility is compromised, it increases the likelihood that you may be involved in an auto accident.

 San Diego Mobile Headlight Restoration Services

Don’t wait until you get a ticket or even worse; possibly get in an car accident before you take care of your headlights.  A headlight restoration service by San Diego’s only mobile headlight restoration service will remove all oxidization as well as any sun damage that has been done to your headlights. Also, they will help protect your headlights from oxidizing again in the future.  This amazing mobile headlight restoration service is far cheaper than replacing your headlights and it saves you time because they come to your home or place of business. Installing new headlights can run you between $500 – $800 depending on what kind of car you own. Compare that to the $49 – $79 price points that Mobile Headlight Restoration Services charge and you can see how the savings add up!

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