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Mobile Detail in San Diego

Auto detailing is an artistic endeavor that requires aesthetic skills that are acquired with professional experience and an eye for perfection. We have the professional auto mobile car detail needed to remove scratches and swirls that appear in auto finishes after multiple washings in automatic car washes. San Diego residents now have the ability to have their vehicles washed, polished, and shined while never leaving the comfort of their homes. Our inexpensive service will have your car looking as if it were new in one visit. You need to do nothing except approve of our service before we leave.

Mobile Auto Detail in San Diego has the goal of being the highest quality detailing service in the area. We take our time to do high quality cleaning and paint restoration for reasonable prices. If you live or work in San Diego, call us to come out and make your ride look as it did on the showroom floor. We can come to your home or do the work for you at your office while you work.

Things people say about us

  • “Car Detailing that comes to me.”
  • Auto detailing at my house had never been considered until I found this company.
  • Car detail by this mobile company saved the appearance of my car.


Why use a professional Mobile Detail in San Diego

Mobile Detail that comes to me

  • The Finish

Your paint on your vehicle becomes faded from the sun and weather conditions. It attracts scratches and swirls from parking lots and car washes. Improper soap can damage what at one time was the perfect paint coating on your car. Sun drying causes spots on the surface. Drying with coarse fabrics or rough material causes minute scratch marks. Waxing with commercial products can provide a smooth finish but leaves a residue resembling swirling. Waxing should be done by a professional with a buffer so that all residue is worked into the finish for a proper shine.

A certified professional in Mobile Car Detail can use new technologies such as ceramic coating. All waxes and polishes are first removed with a silica primer polish. Then, pads and towels are used to remove any of the silica. Then the professional ceramic coats the vehicle. We keep in stock an extensive supply of towels, buffing pads, and soft polishing cloths. Clean supplies are necessary for a good finished polish.

  • The interior

When we clean the interior, first we remove any personal material in the car and store it in plastic bags. All trash is discarded and ash trays are cleaned. Then mats are removed and washed. Then we wash seats and panels and all surfaces. Then we vacuum floors, seats, and other surfaces. Then we use a silicone protectorate on a clean polishing cloth to make all paneling, plastic, and rubber surfaces shine. This is an aerosol cleaner that works on leather as well. The mats are coated with silicone after drying. We have new mats available if you need them replaced.

  • Cleaning and dressing tires

First tires and wheels are washed with a commercial soap meant for cleaning wheels. We use different kinds of wire and soft brushes to clean all dirt from the wheels. The wheel wells are cleaned at this time as well. Then the surface is hand dried. An adjustable wheel cover protects the inner wheel while we apply tire dressing to make the tires shine like new. An applicator is used to conform to the tire’s shape while it is evenly spread out.

Special Materials that Mobile Car Detail uses

The 21st century has brought many new products in for detailing and restoration of vehicles. Some are listed below:

Exterior detailing chemicals

Interior detailing chemicals

Ceramic Car Coating

Paint correction products

At Mobile Auto Detailing in San Diego we have a complete supply of all the chemicals needed to detail your car. We have commercial vacuums, pressure washers, large vehicle sized rubber mats and an extensive supply of buffers and tools for detailing. We come to you.

We are bonded and insured. We have a service satisfaction guarantee.

Call us for Car Detailing that comes to me, so your life will remain uninterrupted.

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