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IGL  Ceramic Coatings vs Opti-Coat

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Ceramic Car Coatings, what are they? Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that can be applied to the interior, exterior and just about all parts of a motor vehicle. It is usually done by hand to bond with the original paint and trims of a car without in any way interfering with them. Ceramic coatings for cars help with protecting your vehicles showroom appearance and amazing  look. Several brands exist in the car ceramic coatings industry such as IGL coatings and Opti-Coat San Diego. However, between the two, IGL ceramic coatings are the far better choice for auto detailing enthusiasts and for those who are interested in long term paint protection that really works. Below are six of the reasons why IGL is a superior option when compared to Opti Coat San Diego.

Ceramic Coating for cars San Diego

Why IGL is better than Opti Pro Ceramic Coating

1. Price comparison
It is wise to choose a coating you can afford, especially, if you are doing more than one layer and plan to use ceramic coatings for cars for the life of your vehicle and any future vehicles you may purchase. The recent increase in the price of Opti-Coat has made it more expensive than IGL ceramic coating. Over time this could add up to be a substantial difference and end up putting a dent in your bank account.

2. Ease of use
Both ceramic coatings are easy to use however IGL is relatively easy and spreads smoothly as it self levels on the vehicle’s surface reducing room for error during application. Opti-Coat San Diego and several other car coatings including Ceramic Pro, due to their chemical make up are sticky and tacky and on occasion cause application issues for their certified applicators. This issue could end up causing the customer more money and time away from their cars.

3. Personalized attention
IGL is one of the few car ceramic coating companies that allow their certified installers the freedom to personalize their service offerings and pricing to tailor the specific markets they conduct business in. This is a huge benefit to the customer as it allows for flexible pricing, marketing and several other cost saving measures that all directly effect the clients ability to save money both a sale time and in the long run due to the long lasting ceramic paint protection in San Diego.

4. Promotion and offers – IGL is a very aggressive and proactive company that regularly offers their certified installers discounts on the many products they offer. This allows for all of the members of their very exclusive network the ability to pass those savings on to their clients. It is not uncommon to see many of the certified IGL ceramic coatings service providers running specials and discounts off of their regular priced coating packages. Opti-Coat and Ceramic Pro service shops almost never have these types of promotions do to the high price of their coatings. Those high prices are always passed along to their customers by way of over priced services which most times lead to “Over Priced and Under Deliverd!”

5. Protection –  Ceramic Paint Protection from environmental elements is something everyone would want for their car. IGL ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from rust, acid rain, chemical stains and rail dust. This is because of the molecular glass finish in the coating that has a 1500 hundred degree heat resistance, a feature that is not widely available with other ceramic brands. IGL ceramic coating also has a better options in comparison to Opti-Coat Pro with headlight and wheel protection from harsh weather and environmental factors because of the propriety silica component in their coatings. This ensures you have clear headlights which can guarantee you safe driving at night or in the fog. It also ensures that your rims will be brake dust free which allows for easy clean up.

6. Ease of cleaning – Probably the most significant feature of an IGL Ceramic Coating for cars is that it is hydrophobic, which is a better way of saying it repels water. When a vehicle has a hydrophobic properties from a Ceramic Coating, water beads on the surface and will slide off of the vehicles surface. This means that elements such a mud and grime will have a difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint, and when you wash your car, contaminants can be removed with very effort.

Ceramic Pro San Diego

Conclusion – Ease of use, affordable price, periodic discounts and also personalized customer care is what you stand to gain and what every consumer would like to have when choosing a good  car ceramic coat service provider in the market. Discuss with your auto detailing expert the best IGL ceramic coating option for your car.

If your are in the San Diego, Ca area there is one certified IGL ceramic coating install team at:

San Diego Ceramic Car Coating – www.SanDiegoCeramicCoating.com

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