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Ceramic Car Coatings in San Diego. Why IGL is better than Ceramic Pro

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There is always that good feeling of driving out of the showroom with a brand-new car that belongs to you. The joy of having a shiny new car cannot be put into words. The question is; how do you maintain this shiny and new look of your car even after months and years of usage? Today we are going to compare a few popular Ceramic Car Coatings in San Diego options.

The two popular options are IGL Ceramic Coatings and Ceramic Pro 9h coating. We visited IGL Ceramic Coatings and sampled a few of the companies most popular coating options such as Kenzo and Quartz+. We also investigated Ceramic Pro and their tops coating options. We found IGL to be better than ceramic pro for the reasons mentioned in the review below.

IGL Ceramic Coatings for Cars

IGL Ceramic car coating installer

This coating is a combination of the best premium grade modified silica. It has different product options for every part of your car. All these products are solvent free and waterborne. They are formulated and produced to specifically protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle for all types of weather and environmental situations.

These products are durable and safe to use. By using the IGL coatings on your car the benefits that you will get include:

  • You will get all the parts of your car protected, both interior and exterior. There will be no oxidation on the paint and headlights, the glasses will be more durable, and water repellent, your carpet, and upholstery will not get unwanted stains.
  • The coating comes with an extended warranty compared to other types of coating. It will also give your car an exterior that is highly resistant to micro marring and very easy to maintain.
  • The silica coating provides much-improved UV resistance compared to wax and other types of coating.
  • The products are green eco-friendly unlike products of many other companies such as Opti-Coat and Ceramic Pro. They do not use materials that are highly hazardous, and they strive to achieve zero volatile organic compounds.
  • The coating will help your car remain shiny and new-like for a very long time. It will protect your vehicle from car wash induced damages due to its hardness and inherent slickness.



Ceramic Pro San Diego is not a paste or a wax; it’s a Nano ceramic that creates a long-lasting stickiness to the paint and can only be wiped out by scrapping. When it cures, the Ceramic pro transforms into a durable glass shield. The benefits you get by using Ceramic Pro 9h include;

  • Your car will remain with the shiny and new look. The shield will protect the color from fading and aging. It will also reflect the UV rays and as well protect the paint from harsh chemicals that may cause fading.
  • Ceramic Pro coating has the super hydrophobic effect that makes any liquid bead and roll of the surface. The exterior is so smooth for any dirt to stick and if it does, it is easy to wipe it off with a piece of cloth.
  • Ceramic Pro coating will protect any metal and paint from coming into contact with water and oxygen. Therefore, there will be no oxidation and corrosion.



Car Paint Protection in San Diego

From the two reviews, it is clear that the IGL Ceramic Coatings has many more advantages than Ceramic Pro and most other Ceramic Car Coatings in San Diego, CA. Apart from protecting the metal and paint it will as well protect your interior and keep the windows and mirrors crystal clear and streak free. IGL Coatings also come with an extended warranty, and it is Eco-friendly. So, help maintain every part of your car for many years as you keep your environment clean. Apply IGL coating on your new or used car today.

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