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Never Wax Again, Ceramic Car Coating is the way to go!

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SAN DIEGO CERAMIC CAR COATINGS – Let us introduce you to the latest craze in the San Diego Auto Detailing Industry, IGL Ceramic Car Coating. Owning a new car is associated with intense joy. However, it’s equaled by the agony of watching your car’s paint get damaged from scratches, oxidation and debris. In the past, waxing was one of the only solutions. Unfortunately, waxing provides little protection against the mentioned threats and at best, it will ware off in just a few months.

The best alternative? The answer lies in ceramic car coating.

Ceramic car coating works by creating a ceramic layer that consists of either SiC or SiO2. The layer bonds to the car’s surface paint. It fills in porous spaces on the exterior of the paint. By doing that, the best ceramic car coat paint protection offers a rick glossy look, and a slick, smooth surface that can last for several years when properly cared for and maintained.

The million-dollar question that many car enthusiasts ask is, how do IGL Coatings and their amazing   ceramic car coating KENZO help to save money?

Here are some of the ways:

Highly cost-effective ceramic paint protection

At first, installing a vehicle ceramic coating is cost prohibitive. However, you should pause for a moment; have a look at this … Wax normally lasts for only 1 – 3 months. Additionally, you need to reapply it at least quarterly. For a great wax and wash, you’ll spend roughly $200 four times annually, which totals to $800. In a period of 5 years, you’d have spent around $4,000 quarterly for waxing.

When it comes to ceramic vehicle coating, things are totally different. It requires just a single application averagely, over the lifetime of car ownership. Never having to wax your vehicle again means you save money. For instance, if you invest $1500 in a premium ceramic coating, it translates to $2500 over a period of 5 years

Added benefits of vehicle ceramic coating

Ceramic paint protection

Ceramic Coating for Cars Looks Cool

At one point, every car owner will have to choose a car maintenance option that offers better protection or one that enhances the appearance of his or her car. In fact, making this decision is normally tough for many.

Not only do you get to protect the surface of your car, the fresh coating also yields a sleek and shiny exterior that retains its gloss over an extended period.

Ceramic Paint Protection makes it easy to clean

The other bonus is in the fact that your car stays cleaner. Nano-coating works at a molecular level to make sure that the coating is even and smooth. That means that you’ll always have an easy time cleaning.

Pay a little more now and save a LOT more later with Ceramic Paint Protection

While ceramic coatings might be relative costly in comparison to car paint sealants or a basic wash and wax service, they’re extremely effective at protecting the paint on your car. Their expensive nature is because they need prep work to cure and bond properly. You need a trained professional to apply for ceramic coatings. Generally, the price an installer charges reflects the quality of his or her service. The less expensive the service is, the higher the probability that the installer will cut corners when prepping your car for coating. However, this isn’t universal; some high-quality installers offer lower prices.

Final Thoughts on Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic paint coatings are highly superior compared to sealants or waxes when it comes to protecting the painting of your car. If maintained properly, ceramic coating for cars is essentially permanent. You can only remove it by abrasion. Just imagine having a car and never having to wax it! Just one-time expense and appointment … Ultimately, you can rest assured that ceramic car coating saves you money. There’s no doubt about that. The good thing is that nano-coating enables you to settle for both.

Because of long-term value and superior car paint protection, ceramic paint protection is turning out to be the first and only choice for many car owners. Many are turning to this solution to ensure their cars look like brand new for many years to come.

This article has been written and provided by the owners of Mobile Detailing San Diego one of San Diego’s best Car Detailing services.

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