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Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego – Never Wax Again!

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San Diego Ceramic Car Coating – Undeniably, the Holy Grail of the auto detailing industry is the perfect Show Room Shine. For many years, professional car detailers and car owners have sought some sort of magical solution; a long-lasting, ultimate shine product that’s quick and effortless to apply – a product that’ll repel environmental contaminants, dirt, grime and rain. Some folks even searched for a product that upholds their new car’s shine without waxing. So, what’s the problem with waxing?

Carnauba Wax and most other common waxes use by San Diego auto detailing services are designed to melt anyone who has ever played with a melting candle knows that melted wax just traps dirt and other contaminates. So, imagine what that melted wax is holding on to next to your car’s finish? The bigger problem with that is when someone or something brushes against your freshly waxed car you now have tiny scratches all over. These are just a few of the reason car wax may not be the best option for your car. There are many others that we invite you to do your homework on.

So how far has the automotive detail industry come in terms of “The Best Paint Protection for your car?” Let us introduce you to Ceramic Car Coating.


Everything you need to know about Ceramic Car Coating

Essentially, the Ceramic technology within the car detailing industry uses a 9th century Mesopotamian strategy. In this trick, pottery-makers used to create a metallic nano glaze that was made from oxides, silver salts and copper that left a glittering effect on the pottery. It was distinctive for its shimmering and ancient luster.

The terminology ‘coating’ is nothing more than a term that identifies the incredibly durable polymers. Actually, nano – ceramic paint coatings are polymers.

According to a study conducted in 1995, ‘surface engineering’ was a $17 billion market within the UK. Of that, 50% was dedicated to ceramic coatings for car, which protected automotive surfaces against wear and tear as well as corrosion.

Through ‘surface science,’ today’s ceramic car coating by FlightShield, Sapphire V1 allows for the transfer of particles from different surfaces thus making the coating become inseparable from the surface of the car paint.

Why you should trust San Diego Ceramic Car Coating

Never Wax Your Car Again

Ceramic Paint Protection Coating offers a strong protecting surface to your car’s paint, chrome, plastic trim and glass. The coating boasts the ability to block foreign matter. It prevents them from causing any form of damage to the vehicle. On a daily basis, a car’s body endures an array of attacks from dirt and mud causing accidental scratches. Through nano-coating, you can make sure that your car has a protective layer, which can handle any form of damage without revealing any ill effects.



How Durable is Ceramic Car Coating

There’s more to ceramic paint coating for cars in San Diego than just a normal paint job. What happens is that the new coating is usually fused to your car’s surface. External force or elements don’t have the ability to dislodge it. That is for sure. While conventional coatings and even the best car wax usually wear off with time after being exposed to, bird dropping, atmosphere’s acidic components, and the weather, while ceramic protective car coatings normally last for years and if properly cared for, the life of your car.

San Diego Ceramic Coating Prices

Ceramic Car Paint Protection in San Diego Look Great all the Time!

Once you apply the San Diego ceramic car paint protection, you’ll certainly notice a mirror effect, color depth, and glossiness that’s incomparable to anything else. By maintaining the car properly, the finish will continue shining for many years to come. One of the best attributes of the slickness of a coated surface is the fact that it doesn’t allow tar, break dust, or dirt to stick to your car’s glass, wheels, or paint. What does this mean? It simply means that washing the car becomes labor less as well as less common. Waxing your car is now obsolete for sure. However, adding wax to your coating will certainly add even more depth and shine.

So What Have We Learned About Car Ceramic Coating?

So, you’ve just driven your ride off the lot. Undeniably, it looks amazing. Of course, you want it to remain that way! One of the best ways to achieve that goal is by using ceramic car coating. Gone are the days of waxing. Spend a little more up front, and save a lot later!

This article was written by the Owner of SoCal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash. They proudly offer Ceramic Car Coating in San Diego.


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