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Just like the paint on your vehicle, the plastic and trim components can become faded, chalky and marred over time. In addition to looking unsightly, the plastic may end up drying out and cracking. At A Street Auto Detailing we take your faded black plastic trim…. “Back-to-Black”. When your vehicle is brand new it feels indescribably perfect. It has swirl free paint, perfectly black tires, pristine upholstery, and the quiet ride of tight new car. Over time, the paint starts to chip, bumpers crack, upholstery is stained, and the interior starts to loosen bringing on creaks and rattles over every bump.

One of the first things to happen to your vehicle is the fading of the black plastic trim. The wiper arms, door moldings, mud flaps, essentially everything that is black starts to fade and grey under constant UV exposure. We have a very quick and very inexpensive way to take your faded black plastic trim…. “Back-to-Black” that will remind you how much your loved your car when it was new.