The History of Auto Detailing in San Diego

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The History of Auto Detailing in San Diego

The recorded history of auto detailing in San Diego really began in Germany in the 1800’s when people were using animal fats to protect the paint finish on their cars, almost like a wax. This was a necessity as most of the roads were dirt and filled with so much dust. The problem was that the animal fats used had an unpleasant odor and attracted insects. These types of processes were not on a large industrial scale, but in fact just individuals attempting to protect their car’s finishes. The discovery of plant based car waxes though would bring exciting developments for the future.

Frank Meguiar starts Auto Detailing in San Diego

It was not until 1901 that an American, Frank Meguiar, Jr, the founder of a small furniture polish laboratory used his furniture polish to coat the outside of cars, thus beginning. Within a few years, George Simons also in the United States, developed a cleaner and a carnauba wax product for car finishes. His company really allowed for mass production of auto detailing in San Diego at specific shops. Customers could drop off their cars and have it waxed by a company and pick it up later for a small fee. These finishes however, did not last, they actually wore away after a few days.

Auto Detailing in San Diego has never been the same!

From then the Auto detailing in San Diego industry really took off and in 1969 the first commercially available polymer sealant was introduced. This was really the first synthetic form of waxes used to protect cars on an industrial level. Cars could be waxed and treated before the car was even bought. During the 1970’s-1990’s this time also individuals could go to their nearest auto supply store and purchase off the shelf carnuba waxes for that extra- personal touch-up. Even car-washes were getting into the act by offering liquid wax spray as a coating after the wash cycle for the car was completed.


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