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San Diego Paint Protection

Auto Detailing San Diego – A Street Auto Detailing & Car Wash is a Car Detailing Service in the heart of Downtown San Diego, Ca. Our auto detail and car wash packages offer great value because all of our services can be completely customized based on the needs and preferences of our clients. We are a state of the art, Eco-friendly San Diego Car Detail shop with the passion to achieve high quality results for those clients who look for technicians with the proper knowledge and skill set to perform exceedingly high quality affordable San Diego vehicle detailing. We provide interior detailing, exterior detailing, swirl and scratch removal, paint protection, ceramic car coatings, paint correction and complete professional vehicle detailing services. We specialize in Auto detailing San Diego some of the top automobiles in the world.

When it comes to auto detailing, many car owners think of car wash. Although there is a thin line between car detailing and car wash, it is important that you know the difference between these two auto maintenance services if you own a car. Auto Detailing San Diego breaks it down for you to help you understand the difference between these two services.

Professional detailing is a vital car maintenance service, which entails thorough cleaning, restoration as well as finishing of an automobile with the result of premium quality cleanliness as well as polish. Having your car detailed once in a while is one way to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

We are Auto Detailing San Diego

We treat each and every vehicle we detail with extreme care and devotion to ensure we exceed every expectation of our customers. For the protection of all parties involved our work and auto detailing in San Diego shop are fully insured. Our San Diego Auto Detailing professionals pride themselves on taking care of every one of our clients’ needs and providing the best service possible. When we are finished, we will go over the vehicle together to make sure you are completely satisfied and set you up on a maintenance program to help keep your vehicle in its new flawless condition. Give us a call today and let us show you why our Car Detailing in San Diego has a 5 Star Auto Detailing Service rating on Google, Yelp, Yahoo & Bing.

We are the best San Diego Auto Detailing experts. When you bring your car to us, we will clean it inside out and when we are done with it, the car will look as though it is straight from a car dealership. We break down this service into 2 categories;

  1. 1) Exterior Car Detailing
  • 2) Interior Car Detailing

We are your number one Car Detailing San Diego professionals, offering products as well as services that concentrate on these two areas particularly.

  1. Exterior Auto Detailing

If you choose this service from us, we will clean and restore the original condition of the surface of your car’s finish. We will work on the chrome plating, windows, wheels, tires as well as other exterior components of your vehicle and the result will be a car that looks almost brand new. We use a wide variety of products and techniques to do the job, depending on the condition and surface type of your car’s exterior. We use high quality detergents, degreasers without acid, waxes as well as polishes to bring your car back to its sparkling original condition.

  1. Interior Auto Detailing

If you select this service, we will deep clean the entire interior of your car, using a range of cutting-edge products and techniques. Nowadays, car interiors are made up of a variety of materials like plastic, different types of natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, vinyl, leather and so on. Therefore, effective cleaning may require the use of a range of products and techniques only a professional car detailing service like us knows best.

Besides vacuuming, we will eliminate all the unappealing upholstery stains in your car and then spray it with a nice fragrance to give it a completely new look and feel. By the time you will be driving out your car, trust me, it will be looking and feeling like it is brand new.

Give Auto Detailing San Diego a Call Today

Car detailing is one way to make your car stay on the road longer. This is a fact that even the world’s top car experts admit to. If you are looking to give your car a significant facelift without breaking the bank, we invite you to our Auto Detailing San Diego service. Also, if you are planning on selling your car fast, we encourage you to have us detail it and restore its original look first before placing an ad online. This way, you can be sure that it will attract the eyes of more prospective buyers than normal.

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Interior Auto Detailing in San Diego

Some of our Auto Detailing Services:

• Thorough Car detailing San Diego Services
• 100% Hand car wash San Diego Services
Carpet and Auto Interior Detailing
• Hard water spot removal
• Light scratch/scuff mark removal
• Ozone odor removal


Auto Detailing San Diego

Some of the service we offer:

• Paint restoration
Headlight restoration
• Windshield rain treatment
San Diego Pet hair removal
• Faded plastic restoration
• And much more…


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Car Detailing in San Diego


The thing that separates us from our competitors is our passion for what we do. San Diego Auto Detailing for most people is a job or a chore. A Street Auto Detailing and Car Wash, San Diego Car Detailing isn’t just an occupation or another business, this is our passion. If you Live, Work or Play in downtown San Diego you may find your self googling, San Diego Auto Detailing near me or San Diego Car Wash near me, if so no need to look any further. You’ve found San Diego’s #1 choice for Hand Car Wash & Auto Detailing. Give us a call now and book your appointment.

We listen to our individual and corporate clients and provide auto detailing services to meet their expectations. Review published feedback about our wash, detailing and custom services. Please click here to read our Yelp A Street Auto Detailing San Diego Reviews


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